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What is a Step Down Transformer?
Devices that are used to step down electrical current at input power sources, which allows voltage to be compatible with equipment.


Voltage Transformers
Transformers that are designed for specific applications that need specified electrical voltage. 


Step Up Transformers
A transformer that has the secondary winding higher than the primary allowing the transformer to increase input voltage.


Power Transformers
Devices that convert the incoming line voltage to a higher or lower electrical current to match voltage of equipment.


Three Phase Transformers
Transformers that are used throughout industry to change values of three phase voltage and current.


Isolation Transformers
Transformers that transfer energy from the alternating current supply to an electrical load.  They prevent certain types of harmonics.

  Buck Boost Transformers
Buck Boost devices are used to make small adjustments to incoming voltages such as lighting applications.
  Phase Converters
Devices that convert single phase power into three phase power.
  Acme Transformers
Acme Transformers is an industrial leader offering superior service, quality products and technical service.

Ace Phase Converters
Ace Phase Converter has been in business for 25 years and their professional and experienced engineering staff can assist you with your phase converter application requirements.

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Isolation Transformers

An isolation transformer has  primary and secondary windings that are separated from each other.  These transformers allow an AC power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits.

Isolation transformers blocks the transmission of DC signals, but allow AC signals to pass.  They also block interference caused by ground loops.  Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.  For information about finding an outstanding manufacturer of isolation transformers, a great resource is TEMCo Isolation Transformers.  They make all of their transformers with the highest quality materials and their transformers are reliable.

With isolation transformers, careful attention is paid to capacitive couplings between the two windings.  The reason for this is because excessive capacitance could also couple AC current from the primary to the secondary.  Usually a ground shield is placed between the primary and the secondary. For additional resources on isolation transformer  Isolation Transformers Sales gives you some great information.

The isolation transformer is constructed with two isolated faraday shields between the primary and secondary windings.  When an isolation transformer is properly installed, the shield, which is closest to the primary winding, is connected to the common power supply ground.  The shield closest to the secondary winding is connected to the shield of the circuit to be isolated.  With the use of these two shields, it diverts high frequency noise.  The reduction of noise helps prevents data disruption in digital electronic equipment.  In three phase isolation transformers, it reduces the harmonic currents fed back to the source by nonlinear loads because balanced, three phase harmonic currents will cancel each other out in the delta windings of the transformer.

Always remember when purchasing an isolation transformer, seek out a more reputable and experienced manufacturer such as  Acme Step DownTransformers.  A quality manufacturer will save you money in the long run and will provide you many years of quality service.

Step Down Transformer on Utility Pole

Read about the Importance of Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformers come in sizes as small as thumb nails to as large as big power grid units.


Information on TEMCo Manufacturing

The Importance of Using an Experienced and Reputable Manufacturer


Step-down transformer play a important role in electrical power

Step Down Transformers are used at large power plants to step down high voltage input.



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