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What is a Step Down Transformer?
Devices that are used to step down electrical current at input power sources, which allows voltage to be compatible with equipment.


Voltage Transformers
Transformers that are designed for specific applications that need specified electrical voltage. 


Step Up Transformers
A transformer that has the secondary winding higher than the primary allowing the transformer to increase input voltage.


Power Transformers
Devices that convert the incoming line voltage to a higher or lower electrical current to match voltage of equipment.


Three Phase Transformers
Transformers that are used throughout industry to change values of three phase voltage and current.


Isolation Transformers
Transformers that transfer energy from the alternating current supply to an electrical load.  They prevent certain types of harmonics.

  Buck Boost Transformers
Buck Boost devices are used to make small adjustments to incoming voltages such as lighting applications.
  Phase Converters
Devices that convert single phase power into three phase power.
  Acme Transformers
Acme Transformers is an industrial leader offering superior service, quality products and technical service.

Ace Phase Converters
Ace Phase Converter has been in business for 25 years and their professional and experienced engineering staff can assist you with your phase converter application requirements.

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What is a Step Down Transformer?

A step down transformer is a device that has its secondary voltage less than its primary voltage. This transformer reduces voltage and often ranges in sizes from 0.5 kva to 500 kva.

The uses of step down transformers range from large devices used in our electrical power systems to smaller units found in electronic equipment.  In our electrical power systems, a step up transformer is used at power plants to carry current through transmission lines.  Before the electricity's arrival at its final destination, a step down transformer is used to lower voltage input.  In electronic equipment, step down transformers are used largely ahead of a rectifier.  These step down transformers, which primarily are the 1-100-W power level, are used in loudspeakers in radios, television sets and high fidelity equipment. They are sometimes called audio transformers, and they reproduce sound-wave frequencies with minimal distortion over the full sound power levels.

How does a Step Down Transformer work?

The basic concept of a transformer is that is has step up or step down power.  Without these transformers, distribution of our electric power over long distances would be impossible. There a primary circuit and a secondary circuit.  There is no connection between the two circuits, but each of these circuits contains a winding, which links it inductively to the other circuits. The windings are wound onto an iron core.  The iron core channels the magnetic flux generated by the current flowing around the primary winding, and as much as possible, also links the secondary winding. The ratio of the peak voltages and peak currents in the primary and secondary windings are determined by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings.  The latter ratio is usually called the turn ratio of the transformer.  If the secondary winding contains less turns than the primary winding, the peak voltage in the secondary circuit is less than that of the primary circuit. This type of transformer is called a step down transformer.

When choosing a step down transformer or any transformer, it should be efficient and should dissipate as little power as possible.  Efficiency is obtained by using special steel alloys to couple the induced magnetic fields between the primary and secondary windings.  Efficiency can be increased by reducing the heat and choosing the right metal type for the windings.  Copper windings are the most efficient and may cost more initially, but they will save you money and energy and will be less maintenance.  For high-quality materials and transformers manufactured with copper, TEMCo Step Down Transformer's  is one of the best in the industry.

Always remember, when purchasing a step down transformer, seek out a more reputable and experienced manufacturer such as TEMCO or  Acme Transformers.  A quality manufacturer will save you money in the long run and will give you many years of quality service.

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Read about the Importance of Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformers come in sizes as small as thumb nails to as large as big power grid units.


Information on TEMCo Manufacturing

The Importance of Using an Experienced and Reputable Manufacturer


Step-down transformer play a important role in electrical power

Step Down Transformers are used at large power plants to step down high voltage input.



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